Come to Jesus Moment

I don’t know where the term originated, but I was speaking with someone today and they used the term “Come to Jesus Meeting”.  I haven’t heard that term for a while.  Scanning a couple of web sites to see what people had to say about that term, here are a few responses:

  • A “come to Jesus” moment is not usually used in a religious context. It is usually used in a context of work as in ” I sat him down and had a come to Jesus talk with him. As in I laid it all out for him and he saw the light and the error of his ways and is going to be a better employee.
  • It’s when you have an epiphany and realize what’s most important in your life – like a loved one and just the fact that you are lucky to be alive etc.
  • When you realize that you have a problem that no one can solve except the Lord.
  • A ‘come to Jesus’ moment is a moment of personal or physical crisis that is so ‘stark’ that the unbeliever or non-believer PRAYS to God or Jesus for help.
  • The moment you realize He is who He says He is…..and you accept him for whom He is.

I think a true come to Jesus moment has to involve love.  I believe we had one in church yesterday.  My sermon was nothing like what I prepared and I feel like God gave me the words to say.  I went back and listened to the sermon and there was one part of it when I heard myself say, “No, I don’t want to say that.”  I said things yesterday I didn’t want to say, yet I pray they were the words God wanted me to say and not just my pet peeves.  I pray that it was a “come to Jesus moment” for the church as much as it was for me.  I will now trust God to work in my heart and in the hearts of the people who heard it.

I believe a “come to Jesus” moment includes but is not limited to the moment of salvation.  I believe there are also moments in our lives when our souls are re-awakened and re-focused on Jesus.  They could almost be called “Come BACK to Jesus moments.”  Come to Jesus moments are transforming moments that change the direction of our lives.  I pray those in church had one yesterday. (And those who listen to it online.)

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One Response to Come to Jesus Moment

  1. John Bumgarner says:

    Great Job Scott, Preach on..What you said is true and God given

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