Tim Tebow

I’m talking about John the Baptist this morning in church and how Jesus’ cousin proclaimed Jesus with his voice.  At Mason UMC we’ve been all about our mission statement of being the “hands and feet of Christ”.  John the Baptist has me wondering if we need a little more “voice” to go along with our hands and feet.  Being a sports fan, Tim Tebow immediately comes to my mind.  Anyone who knows anything about him either loves the guy or can’t stand the guy.  Our society has no problem with us being the hands and feet of Christ, but they want us to do it without the proclamation part.  No doubt I will get lots of hits from

Hands Feet Voice of Christ

Hands Feet Voice of Christ

search engines for my blog just by having the title Tim Tebow.  Just as John the Baptist had it right by doing and proclaiming, Tebow has it right.  Christians must not only be doing for Christ, but must be letting others know that it is in Christ’s Name, for Christ’s glory, and with Christ’s power that we are doing the doing.  It’s not always going to be popular, but we’re not called to be popular.  Too many of us who call ourselves Christian are worried about making the world love us.  We absolutely must not do things just for the sake of being difficult and making people dislike us, but if dislike for us as Christians is a result of proclaiming the name of Jesus, we must be willing to accept that criticism and wear it as a badge of honor.

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