A little push

If you asked most people in the church I serve, if they were being honest they would probably tell you that I spend too much time trying to get them out of comfort zones, getting them out of the church, and getting them doing more than they’re doing on Christ’s behalf (which for many of them is virtually nothing).  That’s because I believe when we become Christians we sign up to be God’s messengers, His hands and feet and voice as long as we’re here on earth.  There are too many people who mistakenly believe that others who are more qualified, better equipped, and formally trained are supposed to be doing God’s work.  I’m constantly pushing them to understand that we’re ALL assigned God’s work.

God had been training me for this task to push the congregation since I was a child.  I remember I loved to play with toys.  I remember sometimes that I would wind a toy and set it down and it wouldn’t go even though it should.  But if I would nudge it and give it a little help it would take off and then run without my help.  That’s how I see my job as the pastor.  When we are a Christian we are already “wound up” by the Holy Spirit and should be off and running.  Yet sometimes we need a little push.  Perhaps this is the “push” you need today.

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