Finding God in the everyday

By now, a few of you may have figured out that most of my blog posts over the last 10 days have been “recycled” posts.  Diane and I are returning home today from Florida where we spent 10 days including a 7 night cruise.  I was able to schedule my blog posts in advance.

I pray that we’ve been enjoying our 25th wedding anniversary cruise, and that we’ve been blessed and been blessings ourselves.   And that’s what I hope for my life in a nutshell: To enjoy it, be blessed, and be a blessing, not just on a cruise or vacation, but in the everyday.  We spend almost all of our lives in the normal, everyday.  It’s one thing to see God in the sunset over the ocean from a majestic ship, but how precious to be able to find Him in the everyday where we spend nearly all our lives.  How sad if we just feel close to Him on those rare occasions.  I have no doubt we will experience God and be changed by our cruise and I’ll probably blog something along those lines tomorrow, but I pray that I am (and you are) continually, daily changed and drawn close to Him – even as I come home to live in the everyday where I spend most of my time.

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