I may do it later

Yesterday I posted that I might do my blog later.  I knew when I wrote it that I was not going to do it later.  It was nothing but a setup for today’s blog about putting things off.

Today is the day the Lord has made…Today is the day of salvation…

In Luke 19, Jesus told Zacchaeus, “…make haste and come down, for TODAY I must stay at your house.”

When you go to some emergency rooms, they use something called triage.  Triage is a noun defined as, “The process of determining the priority of patients’ treatments based on the severity of their condition.”  So they might have a nurse look at you to decide if you can wait or if you need to get right in.  Everyone who goes to the emergency room has a need.  But some needs are more critical than others.  Someone with the flu may wait and wait if people with possible heart attacks or strokes keep coming in.

Sometimes in our lives, we keep doing “busy work” so that we can put off what’s important.  Preachers can do it too.  If someone asks me to go see someone on their deathbed who is not a Christian, and I put it off to clean my office, that’s messed up.  (My office and my decision-making.)  But people do stuff like that all the time.  Triage needs to become part of our daily lives – making sure we assess what’s most important, and doing it.  There may be something you’ve been putting off that you need to do.  We all put things off.  But some things are too important to do later.  They need to be done today.  Sometimes tomorrow is too late.

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