Yesterday’s Gone

Well, yesterday was the second day this year I didn’t have a blog post.  I thought about it last night, but didn’t do one.  I had planned on doing one every day this year.  I missed posting one on my birthday in January and now March 10th will forever live in infamy as the 2nd day this year I missed blogging.

I know, using the term “live in infamy” for missing a day blogging is absurd.  I was exaggerating the point that we often act as if we’ve driven a bus full of kids off a cliff when we make a mistake, miss a goal, or just plain mess up.  I think most of the time we try to do what’s right and hit our goals.  And at times we fail.  That’s OK.  Sometimes we’re going to fail and sometimes those failures are no big deal, like missing a day of blogging, and other times those failures are sins against God.  In Christ, all is forgiven if we just ask.  Paul reminds us not to use God’s grace as a reason to sin, but when we do sin, God is faithful to forgive us when we repent.  When we ask God for forgiveness, He basically says, yesterday is gone and I remember it no more.  What a comfort that is about whatever it is that we messed up yesterday.  And should we fall short of the glory of God today (which we probably will), we can thank God that we can ask for forgiveness and it will be gone like yesterday.

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