A little parable about this life and heaven

Looking at the weather forecast for today and tomorrow shows 70 degrees and rain this afternoon.  It’s not raining now.  Tomorrow is is going to be 85 degrees and sunny.  The Mason Volunteer Fire Dept. is having an ice cream social from 1 -4 today.  They’ll have to have it inside and I’m sure the rain will hurt the attendance.

The old saying, “Into this life a little rain must fall” is true.  This life has days that it it rains on our ice cream social….er, I mean parade.  Contrary to what some prosperity preachers preach, God’s blessings sometimes come through raindrops and teardrops in this life.  We must remember that this life is not all there is and when this life ends it is not THE END, but an end.  This life will be full of ups and downs, birth and death, and both sunny and rainy days.  But we can be comforted in knowing that at all times and in all places, we have God with us to comfort us and give us the strength we need until we leave this world to spend eternity with Him.

Tomorrow will be warm and sunny.

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