Intentional and unintentional mistakes

In today’s Upper Room devotional there is an asterisk with a name at the bottom of the page.  Most of you know when there is an asterisk in the body of a page, you place an explanation or something else you want to say about that at the bottom of the page.   There was no asterisk in the devotional for today.  I do not know why the name by the asterisk is at the bottom of the page.  It must be a mistake.

I’m sure they didn’t mean to make the mistake.  It made me think about our sin.  There are many times when we know exactly what we are doing.  We know we should not, yet we do.  There are many, many other times when we do not even realize we sin, but we do.  Pride is one area where I think it is very easy to sin and not realize it.  Jealousy and greed are others.  Those three often work in harmony.

In the book of Job, Job made regular offerings to God for his children, just in case they sinned without meaning to (Job 1:5).  In Leviticus, there is a description of what to offer up for unintentional sin (Lev. 5:15).  It can really get confusing:  guilt offering, grain offering, burnt offering, sin offering, grain offering, fellowship offering.  At one time when I was in seminary I had to know them all.  I forget now.

I forget because I do not have to know them.  It is much simpler now.  There are basically two offerings today, and only one is our responsibility.  God made one and we have to make one.  God offered His only Son, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.  The shed blood of Christ can cover any sin we have ever or will ever commit, intentional and unintentional, ones with terrible consequences and ones with no apparent consequences.  That is God’s precious offering to us.  Then we must make an offering to God; a response to His gift to us.  And we cannot offer a ram, a lamb, or some grain.  The offering we must offer God is ourselves.  God offered Himself, we offer ourselves.  We offer our lives for His service and for His glory.  We ask for forgiveness through Jesus and offer our very lives as a “holy and living sacrifice”.*

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