I know where Satan lives

I was talking to a friend lately and with a smile on his face he said, “I know where Satan lives.”  I didn’t ask him what he meant, but I was thinking he meant you go up the block, take a right, and it’s the third house on the left.  I was thinking he was talking about an individual who had been acting in a bad way.

I believe Satan usually sets up temporary residence.  Like a renter who doesn’t pay their rent, who has to keep moving because the landlord figures out that they aren’t going to get what the renter promised to pay, Satan keeps moving from place to place.  Satan would make us think that what he has to offer is appealing.  Drinking, recreational drugs, food, sex, buying stuff, and other things can be appealing.  But Satan’s offer is nothing but short term satisfaction that quickly disappears and we end up with long-term consequences:  a DUI, addicted to drugs, overweight, an unwanted pregnancy from casual sex, an inability to pay our bills, etc.  It’s not the happiness Satan promised and then he moves on finding another place to wreck, another life to tear up.

Without a doubt, we all give him temporary shelter once in a while.  When we gossip, when we hate, when we sleep in on a Sunday morning, and the list goes on.  Let’s be aware of what he’s doing to us when he tries to set up shop in us.  Let’s not give him a place to hang out.  What comes to mind is the phrase, “Kick the bum out.”  He only offers counterfeit happiness, nothing more.

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