Whoever wishes to be great among you…

My Bonhoeffer reading this morning was focused on Jesus’ instructions in Mark 10:43: “…whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant…”

Those words of Jesus were spoken after the 10 disciples got in an uproar over James and John asking Jesus if they could sit on His right and left in His glory.  Scripture doesn’t tell us why the other 10 were upset.  Were they upset because they thought none of them deserved to sit next to Jesus in His glory?  Or were they upset because they each wanted to be the one sitting next to Him?  There’s a big difference.  I vote B.  I think they each probably wanted to be the important ones sitting next to Jesus.

I hear Jesus saying the solution to the problem of wanting to be great can be found in the humility of serving.  But if we read that and say, “I’m going to serve because I want to be great”, we’ve got a problem even if we serve.  We must get over the “wanting to be great” before our serving will make a difference in God’s Kingdom.  People can tell why we’re doing what we’re doing.  When we serve, may it not be so we can be great, but may we serve with a pure heart so that others will know what a merciful and mighty Savior we serve.

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