The Lord will provide…

I got a text last night asking me if I wanted to do something this morning.  I’m game for most anything, and I especially love it if it glorifies Jesus.  I’m going with Lew and Vicky to pick potatoes up from a truck that wrecked on the interstate.  When I said yes I was under the impression they were scattered and we would be picking them up from along the road.  I’m not really sure.  But I can’t pass up the opportunity to say, “I remember the time I went and picked up potatoes from a wrecked truck on the interstate.”

It glorifies Jesus because we’re getting the potatoes to give out at the food pantry, which provides food every week for a couple of hundred families each month.  When we think about God providing, many of us often want room service.  God provided the Israelites a way through the Red Sea, but they had to walk.  God provided Noah and his family and the animals safety through the flood, but he had to build an ark.  It happens over and over in the Bible and in our lives.  We can’t sit in the basement praying.  If we do our part, God will do His part.  The Lord will provide.  And He often provides more than we ask for.  Today He’s providing potatoes for the food pantry.  He’s also providing an adventure, a story to tell, and a blog illustration!  Yes, the Lord will provide.

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1 Response to The Lord will provide…

  1. Frankie Bumgarner says:

    Amen Scott put legs and hands to help the needy

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