God’s preparing you

Last year our church piggy-backed on Ginghamsburg Church‘s mission trip to New Orleans.  We were planning to go with them again this year, but they are not taking that trip now.   So this year we’re going back to New Orleans, but this time it’s entirely our mission trip.  It’s a great parable about crawling and then walking.  It’s an example of first being taught how to do something and then doing it yourself.

It’s awesome the way God will prepare you for the work He has you to do.  Thanks to God’s leading last year, we know where to stay this year.  The Epworth Project is an awesomely run place that provides lodging, tools, and the work for us.  They’d be happy to have your group go there!!

And God is building on what we did last year.  This year I’ve emailed The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL to see if we can stay there overnight on Saturday, Spetember 29th on our way to New Orleans.  If we can’t, we’ll probably stay at a hotel there.  On Sunday morning we’ll go to The Church at Brook Hills (whose pastor is David Platt, author of the book Radical) and then head to New Orleans after church.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for us as we continue to be molded and prepared by Him.  What’s He preparing you for?

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