Walking the thin line between insanity and insanity

Today’s blog is specifically for Americans.  Kenyans will not get it.

One of the things Sunday’s sermon at Mason UMC was about was avoiding church because you feel a conviction there.  When you come to church and feel convicted, you have three choices: keep coming and keep being convicted until it passes, accept the conviction and let God work on you, or quit coming to church.  The third one is the old:

You: Doctor, it hurts when I poke myself here.  
Doctor: Don’t poke yourself there.

Things in the Bible bother me.  I read books that bother me.  People who appear to be so lukewarm as Christians bother me.  The fact that I don’t pray enough bothers me. The fact that I have 163+ shirts bothers me (I’ve said enough about that on Facebook.)

Yet I know I’m loved unconditionally by God because I said yes and became His child through Jesus Christ. I know there’s nothing I can do to earn His love or to make Him love me more.

What we have to be careful of is not going crazy.  I don’t mean selling your house and moving to India kind of crazy.  If that’s what God calls me or you to do, then by all means that’s what we should do.  I mean the kind of crazy where you are tormented so bad that you forget how much God loves you and that it’s OK to enjoy some comforts.  It’s OK that I drive a nice car.  I probably shouldn’t have 4 of them that I never drive just sitting in my garage.  I won’t even talk about a garage that will hold 4 cars.

For me, being a Christian is walking the thin line between insanity and insanity.  It’s insanity to have so much stuff that we are running out of storage space in our homes.  It’s insanity to think we “deserve” things like air conditioning, and that eating at expensive places like Outback, Red Lobster, and Cheddar’s all the time is OK.  It’s insanity to live like we’re the only ones that matter.

There’s also an insanity on the opposite end of the spectrum.  I believe great theologian Martin Luther was practically driven insane by his insecurity and belief that he was not suffering enough.  It’s insanity to think we’re all called to be destitute and suffer.  The fact that we’re not doesn’t necessarily mean we’re doing something wrong.  I sounded like I was bordering on insane on Facebook last night.  I’m not.  But we are to pick up our cross and follow.

I just want to walk the line between the insanities.  I believe that’s the narrow road that Jesus was talking about.

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