The Electric is Back…The Power never left

Much of the state of West Virginia was without electric after Friday evening’s storms.  Decisions had to be made about “having church” on Sunday.  Actually, no decision had to be made at our church because we have a policy.  I told the congregation when I got here that we would not cancel our main worship.  I told them I live 20 feet away from the church and I could always make it.  If we had 2 feet of snow, I can still make it.  They need to use good judgment as to whether they should come, but rest assured if you come to church on Sunday morning at 9:45, the Mason UMC will be worshiping Jesus.  So cancelling because we did not have electric did not occur to me.  I once sat in church in Ghana, Africa for 3 hours where it was 97 degrees!

While the electric was gone from Mason and specifically the Mason UMC, the Power never left.  God was here Sunday morning as the church gathered outside in the yard to praise the name of Jesus.  I started worship by reminding them that the church is gathered in far more harsh situations in other parts of the world.  Some gather in spite of the fact that a brother or sister in Christ was carried away last week and beaten nearly to death because they confess the Name of Jesus.

So we gathered, and we talked about Jarius from Mark chapter 5, his daughter, the woman who touched Jesus’ garment, kidney stones, and about interruptions in general.  Each person who drove by Sunday morning knew that an inconvenience like a lack of electricity could not keep the church from gathering.  The gates of Hell cannot stand against the church!!!!!!

But that crafty Satan will even use a great thing like the gathering of the church to make me sin.  Satan tries to fill me with pride and make me judgmental.  He says, “Look at those other churches that canceled.  You are so much better than they are.”  If you let him, that sneaky old devil will have you sinning even when you are doing the right thing for the right reason!  I want to gather with the church because I love Jesus (He loved me first.)  I want to proclaim His Word and it was wonderful that the community could hear the Good News.

But I must remember that whether other churches had church or cancelled, if other churches are doing outreach or not doing outreach, if other churches are growing or shrinking in numbers, it is not about comparing myself or our church to them.  It is all about glorifying Jesus and making Him known.  My only worry about other churches needs to be to try and help them if they are struggling and learn from them if they are doing the work of our Lord.

I thank God that our electric is back on.  I thank Him that His Power never leaves.  And I thank Him that His Spirit opens my eyes to my sin.






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1 Response to The Electric is Back…The Power never left

  1. Ralph Ross says:

    For some the past few day’s was just a very small taste of what is to come. Think about it. I’m talking about forever, and hotter than Hell.

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