26 Days til the Beach

Nearly every day Facebook has someone posting how many days until they go to the beach.  Whether we post it on Facebook, or simply count down, most of us do it.  I’m not going to the beach in 26 days.  I just gave today’s blog that title.  I’m at the point now with kids grown and gone that I don’t have to go to the beach in the summer.  I can go any time and I’d rather go when it’s cold here and warm at the beach.

I’m really weird.  I’m almost disappointed when a vacation or day I’m looking forward to gets here.  I’m always thinking it will be over shortly.  One person wrote 29 days to the beach today on Facebook and all I could think was “36 days til you’re home and back to work.”  When we were in Bryce Canyon, I remember saying to my family, “Here we are, right now, standing in Bryce Canyon.”

I can’t imagine going on vacation or somewhere so wonderful and never worrying about “coming home”.  But the Bible tells us that one day, those for those who have the faith, will go to be with the one who made us.  And it will last forever.  As a matter of fact, that place IS already our home.  This place is not.  God sent His only Son to shed His blood to pay for our sin and that’s the only thing that makes it possible.  Jesus, a friend of sinners, and the redeemer of the willing of this world.

While we’ll soon be back from our vacations or a special day will be over, a day is coming when followers of Jesus will be on an eternal vacation.  Do you want to go?  Follow Jesus, He’ll take you there.

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