When we all (are good enough to) get to heaven

Last night someone sent me a text and told me that there was a show about heaven on television.  I watched it because I figure some of the people in the church watched it and I would be better prepared if they asked me any questions about the show.

There was nothing really revolutionary.  I thought Joel Osteen did a very good job really.  He gets ridiculed a lot as “prosperity preacher“, which I believe he is, but he stood firm about Jesus being the one who can redeem us and being the only way to God.  I would rather have seen her interview Francis Chan or David Platt, but they’re probably too radical.

The most disturbing thing to me was hearing “good enough” over and over and over throughout the show.  I heard Muslims, Mormons, and Christians say “good enough.”  I used to be a “good enough” customer.  Now I understand that making people believe they are good enough is Satan’s best weapon.  The show said 9 out of 10 Americans believe there is a heaven and almost every one of them believes they’re going there, many no doubt because they think they’re good enough.

There’s a flaw in the good enough argument.  I can always find someone bad who makes me seem pretty good.  I can also compare myself to people who are so good that it makes me look pretty bad.  We just tend not to compare ourselves to people who are “better” than us.  Even so, we don’t have to be the best, just good enough.

Scripture tells us that everyone will stand before God to be judged.  Here’s the question you need to ask yourself.  Am I (are you) going to stand before the God who created the universe, who made the earth, who breathes life into humanity, the God who made the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, who gives us rainbows and butterflies, the God who is perfection – -Are we so naive to think that what we have done in this life will impress THAT God?  Are we going to stand before THAT God and be judged and say, “Look at how good I was!  Look at the good things I did on earth!”

I’m not willing to stand before the one, true, perfect and righteous God and claim He owes me anything (let alone an eternity in heaven) based on my performance on earth.  The Good News is we don’t have to.  While every other religion is based on the good enough model, Christianity is not.  The Bible tells us flat out nobody is good enough.  So rather than allow nobody in to heaven, God made the Way for us.  By God’s grace, through faith, Jesus is the one who can make us righteous, reconciling imperfect us to perfect God.  And if we choose, Jesus will stand with us at our day of judgment so that we do not stand before God based on our own life, but we get in because of Jesus’ life.  He is the only one good enough.

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