Forced to take a time out

We have friends coming today who have kids, young kids.  Diane and I have kids, but they’re 22 and 20.  They never say, “Take me to the pool.”  The kids that are coming for what’s left of the weekend will be ready to go to my neighbor’s pool.  I can’t very well send them over by themselves.  So I will be forced to take time off and go to the pool.  Does the bulletin still need done?  Yes.  Are there people who would love a visit from the pastor?  Duh.  Could the yard use mowing?  Finally.  What will I do?  I predict a visit to the pool.

I had a forced time out about 2 weeks ago with a visit to the ER and a short admittance to the hospital with kidney stones.  I slept 20 hours the next day.  Most of the time we don’t willingly take time out or time off.  I don’t mean just off work, but really enjoy our time.  Do something we love.  I have a friend who gave up golf.  He says he was on the course all the time and was convicted about it.  But I know he must love it when he’s “forced” to golf with friends.

In Mark 6:30, when the disciples returned to Jesus to tell Him all they had done and all they had taught, “He said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while.’  They had been coming and going and it tells us they didn’t even have time to eat.

In his biography of George Bernard Shaw, Maurice Colbourne write of Shaw, “When seen in the London streets or on the Malvern hills he always walks as though he has an appointment with himself and he might be late for it.”  This is not a bad thing, but a good thing.  We never make appointments with ourselves, for ourselves, to get away.  Many people have to be forced to take time out.  Do you not think the disciples had more they could do and more to teach?  What kind of slacker leaves things undone?  Shouldn’t they have been teaching about Jesus?  Jesus said, enough.  Come with me and let’s be alone – on the golf course, at the pool, in bed with a book, sitting down for dinner, with your crochet needles.  Take a time out from your busy life, before He makes you take one.

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