Lukewarm, unconverted, or disciples of Jesus in Church

Our church has a pretty good sized community garden across the street that anyone is welcome to take advantage of.  There are probably 25 cucumber plants, 5 long tows of green beans, a long row of tomatoes, 2 rows of potatoes, 1 row of sweet potatoes, zucchini, peppers, and a whole lot of watermelon – which are not ready yet and we’re having trouble with people picking them already 😦            There’s no doubt when anyone sees it that it’s a garden.

We also have a tomato plant growing at the back corner of our church.  For the last few years we’ve had a single tomato plant just pop up out of the lava rock next to the church.  Nobody is going to confuse it with the garden across the street.  Nobody is going to call that tomato plant a garden, not even a small garden.  The garden doesn’t have to tell anyone that it’s a garden and no matter what the tomato plant would claim, it wouldn’t convince anyone that is was a garden.  It is obvious to everyone that one is a garden and one isn’t.

In a similar vein, my sermon from Sunday was a frank talk about people, primarily church people, some of who are obviously disciples of Jesus, and others who appear to be nothing more than “religious people” who have not had a conversion to Jesus.  I don’t know anyone’s heart and neither do you, but like a garden, a life lived as a follower of Jesus, with Him at the center, is obvious to anyone who sees it.  A garden doesn’t have to shout, “I’m a garden” to convince anyone.  Likewise, a person with Jesus as their Savior doesn’t have to shout it to anyone (though they may want to at times!)

I’m not judging you or anyone else, I want you to judge yourself.  I simply don’t want you to be fooling yourself into thinking you are something you are not.  If you haven’t watched this sermon, please do.  If you don’t have time now, come back to it.


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