Why doesn’t God answer my prayer?

I had an insightful reading this morning from Oswald Chambers.  In Matthew 6:8, Jesus says, “Your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.”  Then why ask?  Why pray?  Chambers says the point of prayer should not be simply to get answers from God.  The point of prayer should be perfect and complete oneness with Him.  If we pray simply for answers, then we will become irritated and angry with God and only pray in emergency situations.

We tend to say “God is good” the times He does answer our requests in the way we wanted, but God is always good, even if the prayer is not answered in the time or method or with the positive results we asked for.  God is good no matter how “bad” our requests turn out.  Sometimes this is nearly impossible to believe in the midst of the most horrible of situations.  If we pray consistently and become one with God before the faith testing times come, I believe we can better believe it in the valleys of our lives.

The problem is many who do an internet search for, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayer?” are probably in a crisis and can’t see it right now.  If that’s you, start praying and continue to pray your way through it and when you’re through it and time has passed, don’t stop praying.

Finally, Chambers says we are not here to prove God answers prayer, but we are to be living trophies of His grace.  My life and my faith, through the good times and bad, during times of blessing and times of difficulties and stress, that is the proof of God.  When our faith doesn’t fall away, that’s the proof of God’s grace in our lives and that’s what we should be praying for.  Jesus, give me faith, this day and always.  That’s also a prayer that I believe we will receive an affirming answer to.

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