Jesus sometimes went looking for trouble

Sometimes Jesus went around looking for trouble.  When he healed on the Sabbath, touched lepers, allowed His disciples to glean wheat on the Sabbath, and more.  There is no doubt that He could have healed on a different day than the Sabbath.  It gave Him a chance to teach.  Maybe the key to looking for trouble is if it has a purpose.

I was ready to put this line in one of my papers for the Board of Ordained Ministry when thinking about being more like Jesus:

“For some, being more like Jesus may require more love.  For others, being more like Jesus may require a willingness to say, “Go and sin no more.””

I believe that sentence, but a friend of mine advised me not to include it.  I haven’t decided yet.  You may wonder how that would be looking for trouble.  People who are all about love often don’t want to hear about calling people to repentance.  People who are all about calling people to become righteous through repentance often don’t like to hear about showing extra grace and love.  It’s a problem when we’re all about love or all about repentance.  If you’re paying attention, you’ll see it in others.  If we’re really paying attention, we may see it in ourselves.

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