Tell them about Jesus

I just finished Bill Easum’s book A Second Resurrection for probably the 4th time.  If I could sum it up in one sentence, it would be, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus”.  I agree with Easum when he says that when we dilute who Jesus was and is, when we look upon Him as “a way” and not “The Way”, then we are no longer focused on people’s salvation, but instead focus on issues like health, education, good works, or morals.  Some people in the church have forgotten who Jesus is.  Or we’re so politically correct that we are worried about offending others.  Some in the church are trying to do good and worthwhile things, and have good intentions, but their mission is not about saving souls from an eternity without God.  Our primary concern must be eternity.  Yet, one must not mistakenly think I’m not into doing good works in the Name of Jesus.  I believe we can help people get a glimpse of the Kingdom of God here on earth by the actions of the church.  Within that, I believe, “Jesus must be the center of our passion, not some generic notion of God.” (From the same book.)

The church must understand and believe that no matter what kind of difference we can make in people’s lives – feeding the poor, clothing the naked, visiting those in prison, building water wells in Africa (and we should do all these things), without Jesus people are going to perish anyhow.  Whether they die now because of dirty water, or later because we’ve given them clean well water to extend their earthly lives, it’s irrelevant if they die in their sin because we didn’t tell them about Jesus.   So what if we make their life here a little better for this blip of time and they spend eternity away from God because we were only concerned about getting them a well or feeding them?  Have we really done them a favor if we don’t witness to them about Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, the only Son of God, and the only way to the Father?  If we don’t tell them that God came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ to shed His blood for their sin and make them right with God, then we have done them a disservice.  The Kingdom of God is so much more than alleviating empty stomachs.  When people drink the water from wells of the earth, they will thirst again.  The Kingdom of God includes offering them the living water through the Gospel of the resurrected Jesus.

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2 Responses to Tell them about Jesus

  1. David Cartwright says:

    I think I’ll quit my Sunday morning job and start attending your church!

  2. Don’t quit. The church needs more like you. Glad to see you got uploading your sermons taken care of.

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