Just do what you need to do

We have a portable projector in the back of the church that shines on the back wall so the choir and those at the front of the church can see what’s on the front wall by looking at the back wall.  Occasionally I take it down as I will tonight for the Women of Faith meeting at the church.  When I do, I have to take a cable from the sound system to use with the projector.  It’s the same cable we use to record Sunday morning worship.  When I fail to put the cable back with the sound system, then it doesn’t get recorded.  That’s why this week’s sermon isn’t online.

I have been meaning to buy an extra cable so I don’t have to keep removing the one from our primary sound system and then forgetting to put it back.  I had the new cable in my hand once in the store, but it was about $15, and I knew I could get it cheaper online.  Twice in the last two months I’ve failed to put the cable back and we’ve missed recording worship.

I just need to go to the Radio Shack over in Middleport today and buy what I need.  Sometimes we just keep putting off what we know we need to do.  You do it and I do it.  Sometimes it’s something pretty insignificant.  Sometimes it’s something very important.  Is there something you’ve been putting off?  Somebody you need to talk to?  Exercising?  Eating right?  Getting back to church?  Reading the Bible?  If you keep putting things off, sometimes you never get to it.  Why put it off any longer?

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