I’ve looked everywhere

I like it once in a while when Diane has to ask me where something is.  When she’s looked everywhere and maybe even thinks it’s not there, and asks me and I go and pick it up and bring it to her.  It happened a day or two ago with graham crackers in our storage room.  She looked and couldn’t find them and I knew where they were.  Over our 26 years of marriage, it has only happened on rare occasions.  The opposite happens more than I care to admit when I ask her where something is.  You know what I’m saying.  You say, “I’ve looked everywhere and it’s not here”, only to have someone else point to it and often it was right in plain sight!

Pastor David Platt gives a great example along these lines about the existence of God.  An atheist, one who believes God does not exist, would have to admit (if they were being honest) that God may exist even in spite of their belief He does not.  To say with certainty that God does not exist would mean the person would have had to search every corner of the universe and have checked every possibility to come to the conclusion that there is no God.  “I’ve looked everywhere and there is no God. He does not exist.”

Ironically, Platt says if you have the ability to check every possibility, to check the heights and depths and every nook and cranny of the universe and you have the certain knowledge that there is no God, that would actually make you all knowing and powerful and would technically make you God.  Then you would be denying your own existence.  (I love playing with logic.)

I guess we’ll all find out one day.  Nichole Nordeman has a great song, What If?  If you have a few minutes, why don’t you listen to it –






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One Response to I’ve looked everywhere

  1. Berneas Wood says:

    Such a beautiful song. I felt as if it were written for me, because I was closing my eyes and trying to find a place to land…and, I did find my place, when I landed at the Mason United Methodist Church. Now, I feel… what if…I had never closed my eyes and jumped?…what if?

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