We are being used – Evil is in your church

I got an email today about a conference in Georgia for clergy.  They are going to show a documentary about clergy and how much pressure is on clergy today.  I just watched a trailer for the documentary.  One unbelievable thing it says is that 1,500 ordained clergy will leave the ministry in the next 4 weeks.  That’s nearly 400 per week.  Nearly 60 ordained clergy will leave the ministry today, and every day.  I’ve read that half of the people who pastor churches today will not be pastoring churches in 5 years.

Before I get bogged down here and before you begin to think this is a self-serving blog today to make you feel sorry for me or other pastors, let me get to what I got from the trailer and what it has made me think of.  Evil is in the church.  We can disagree on how evil appears or who or what Satan uses, but the Bible clearly tells us evil is among us in the church.  2 Corinthians 11:12-15 says that deceitful people will try to look like Christians.  Satan himself transforms himself to look like an angel of light, and so will people he uses.  Acts 20:29-30 says these “wolves” will do it to try and draw disciples away from Jesus.  And nobody will know it is Satan.  He will use people who are already in the church!

In Afghanistan right now, enemies of the United States are infiltrating the Afghan army posing as people wanting to help the Afghan government, but when the time is right they are turning their weapons on the Americans and others who have been training them and working along side them.

It’s the same in the church.  I feel safe to say there are people in every body of believers who Satan gets a hold of and uses to cause division and strife in each individual church and among churches.  All Satan wants to do is distract us.  If Satan can distract us as individuals and as the church from the mission of making disciples and from growing closer to Jesus, he’s accomplishing his mission.  And Scripture tells us he does it from within the church.  He did it from within the 12 disciples!!!! He entered Judas and caused him to turn on Jesus.  So we’re fooling ourselves if we think he’s not still at work in, through, and among the followers of Jesus, especially where Jesus is at work in congregations.

I believe Satan can use all of us at times.  Some he gets a hold for a moment, and others he gets a better grip on.  You are being used.  I am being used.  The question we must ask ourselves is who are we allowing to use us?  Jesus or Satan?  That deceiver Satan does his best work when he convinces us that he’s using others when he’s really using us.

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5 Responses to We are being used – Evil is in your church

  1. Berneas Wood says:

    Right on! Satan has been using the churches for years now and will continue to do so as long as he can find “weak Christians” in the church.

    • Berneas, Just to make you think — I have to be careful not to think Satan only looks for “weak Christians” in the church. It’s a pretty big feather in his flaming cap when he can find a good strong Christian who just lets down his/her guard for a moment! Stay strong and always be on the lookout for the great deceiver! He’s always prowling around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

  2. David Cartwright says:

    I have never done anything vocationally that is so challenging and yet so rich in blessing as being a pastor. I’m glad that I am still with it, although some days I wonder if it will be the last.

    • I thought it was interesting when Randy Flanagan asked at the conference meeting last week, what would happen if we made pastors take a 90 day break every 7 years? I am in my 6th year and I commend those who have been at it 15-20-40 years. It’s only by the grace of God that anyone can stay in the ministry. To me, it’s akin to being an official in a sporting event. There’s always people who disagree, think it’s easier than it is, think you’re not doing a very good job, and think they could do it much better. I’m glad you’re still with it too. Here’s the trailer to that documentary: https://betrayedthemovie.com/index.html

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    This is a blog post I did almost a year ago. For some reason it has had lots of hits today. I rarely re-post a blog, but I feel led to re-post this one, and if you read it a year ago, I’m certain you don’t remember it:

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