Seeing the problem – we’re pretty good people

We’re having trouble with the internet.  If my blog goes away for a few days, you’ll know why.  Some web sites we can get to and some we can’t, which is better than Marty and Susan across the road.  They have no internet.  I can get to my blog – can’t get to espn.  I can get to the church web site, but can’t get to facebook.  I can get to gmail… you get the picture.

I called Frontier and they are putting in a repair order.  They always act like it’s probably a problem with what’s in your home/office/church and not really a problem that’s on their end.  If I were a betting man, I’d wager that it’s not a problem here, but with Frontier.  (Ironically, I can get to Suddenlink’s web site, which is a competing internet service provider.)

Now to make this problem applicable for the purpose of my blog:  We must see the problem before we can find the solution.  In our American society, our main problem is we think we’re pretty good people.  Many people don’t feel they need a Savior because they do some good things and consider themselves pretty good.

I remember watching a news magazine show one time and a Christian pastor was being interviewed.  The news person said she believed that Americans as individuals were mostly good with a little bad.  The pastor said he believed we were mostly bad with a little good.  Whichever side we come down on that issue, the Bible tells us that it takes perfection to be with a perfect and Holy God and even if we are mostly good with only a little bad, that little bad will keep us from spending eternity with a Holy God.  That’s the problem.  God provided the solution in a Savior, Jesus Christ.  When someone believes they’re pretty good and don’t believe they need a Savior, they can’t be saved until they realize their need.

Our internet will only be fixed when they realize the problem is bigger than a single computer or single location.

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