Resting on God’s laurels through us

That’s a funky title, I know.  Let me explain.  Our church has been blessed over the last few years to be used by God to bring glory to Himself.  It’s for His own sake that God has worked through us and used us and it is God Himself that receives the glory.

While remembering all God has done in the past is a great way to have the courage to step out in faith today and tomorrow, we mustn’t simply sit back and remember the good old days when God did great things through us.  We made a video you can watch here about what our church has done over the past few years and they showed that video at the meeting of the 1,100 United Methodist churches of the West Virginia Annual Conference in Buckhannon, WV in June.

Most of that stuff seems like old news now.  While we do remember so we can be encouraged and emboldened, we do not rest on those laurels.  The phrase “resting on your laurels” is a phrase that means to stop doing anything new because you are satisfied by past achievements, or living off of past victories.

So much has happened since June in our church and in the people here.  I find it so sad when people or churches have nothing new to talk about.  When all they have is, “Remember how awesome revivals used to be in our church?”

David Jeremiah tells a story of something printed in a church bulletin reporting on the previous year:  New Members – 0; Baptisms – 0; Money given to missionaries – $0.  And underneath that report, was the sentence, “Let us remain faithful until the end.”  David Jeremiah said, “It sounds like the end isn’t too far off.”

God is not a “used-to-be God.”  You see, Jesus is alive.  The Holy Spirit is still at work.  God always wants to do something new in you and in your church.  He wants you to remember what He has done in the past, but He also wants to give you something more… something more recent… A new story to tell about how He is still at work.  What new thing will you allow Him to do through you?

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One Response to Resting on God’s laurels through us

  1. All I can say is WoW, such good food for thought in this article.

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