The church being the church – something’s afoot

There is something afoot in the Mason UMC.  Many of the people of the church have been and are being stirred to action for the love and glory of Jesus and love of neighbor by the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday from 9 a.m. til noon they are giving away winter coats for the second year in a row.  Last year they gave away about 300 coats.  Sunday, we passed the offering plates around a second time because someone needed an electric bill paid.  We collected twice as much as we needed.  There are some people concerned about the needs of another one of the people in the church and they have begun steps to help.  This is a glimpse into the church of Acts.  In the church in Acts, the people sold stuff as they felt the Spirit move them so they could help others.

There’s a friend from another church who posted this on Facebook:

God has put something on my heart to ask my friends and family. There is someone I know who needs a car. What I would like to ask is if anyone has or knows of anyone who has a car that they are not using and willing to donate. I know this is a big thing and that most people can’t do it, however, God is bigger than we can image and he can do miraculous things. Please message me if you do know of something, if not please pray with me about this. Thank you!

God can certainly come through with a car.  You can let me know if He wants to do it through you.  As my friend said, “It’s a big thing”, but we serve an even bigger God.  With all the negativity (much of it deserved) the church takes from society about being judgmental hypocrites, it’s nice to witness times that the church is being the church Jesus intended.

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