The difference between the Wizard of Oz and Jesus

Most of us know the story of The Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy was on her way to the “great and powerful Oz” so she could get back to Kansas.  Along the way she meets a cast of characters and they join her so individually they can get a heart, get courage, and get a brain.  She is certain from what she has heard about the mighty Oz that Oz can help them, too.

Most of you already know what Dorothy and the others soon find out:  The great, mighty, and powerful Oz is nothing but smoke and mirrors.  Oz is a small, bald man behind a curtain with no more power than any other human.  His reputation and appearance are nothing but a deception.

Some of you have heard of reverse osmosis (a way to take things out of water).  In his book A Sure Thing, Cornelius Plantinga, Jr. says Jesus is reverse-Oz.  This unknown carpenter from Nazareth, seemingly helpless against Roman thugs who kill Him on a cross, is actually the Son of God! Behind human weakness, behind His humiliating torture and painful death, the Son of God is mighty and powerfully at work to truly save us.  Appearances are deceiving.

Nobody who puts their faith and trust in Jesus is going to be disappointed.  There are no smoke and mirrors.  Jesus really died.  The grave could not keep Him, as He rose from it.  And He has the power to save all who call upon His name.

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