Not having all the details

One time the phone rang in the kitchen of the church while there were a bunch of us there.  Donna answered the phone and in a few seconds hung up.  She said it was the captain on the phone and we had won a free cruise.  I asked her where and when and she replied, “I didn’t get all the details.”  It was a pre-recorded telemarketing call she had received before and she had up when she heard the boat horn and, “This is your captain speaking” line.  It was much more hilarious than it sounds here.

I relay this memory because I think it’s good sometimes if we can move forward or be alright even when we don’t have all the details.  This week we’ve had to push making apple butter back at least a couple of days.  Right now we’re going to try for Wednesday and Thursday.  I said in church yesterday that we will still have our Wednesday night dinner, although I’m not sure how we will work it out with plastic on the floor and apple butter jars everywhere in the fellowship hall.  One thing I know, it will work out.

Having to know all the details can be an obstacle.  Throughout the Bible continuing to this very day, God told/tells people to move forward and do something and rarely does He give anyone a detailed plan.  From Abraham to Moses to David, to Jesus with the disciples, to you and me today, God has said go… do…  and He always says or infers that we just have to have faith.

I’m not talking about teenagers running off with the carnival, but sometimes we just know that something is God’s will for us and out of fear we don’t move because we need more details or more information.  I am thankful that it’s not really uncomfortable for me.  I’m sort of an impulsive, “it will work out” kind of person anyhow.  I realize for others it’s not so easy.  Be encouraged to know that when you are willing to follow Christ, He will direct your paths and He is already where you are going.  If He told you the whole plan right now it might really freak you out!  You’ll find out more details as it becomes necessary.

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