Do we even WANT to lead people to Jesus?

We’re hosting a 3 hour live video worship/training session called “Multiply” led by David Platt and Francis Chan the next two nights at the Mason UMC.  I am hoping for 12 to 15 people.  Hundreds and hundreds of people will go to the Wahama High School Football playoff game tomorrow night because they care about high school football and/or because they care about someone who is playing in the game.

Each May the gymnasiums and football fields are packed with parents and grandparents to watch graduations (from pre-school graduations to high school and college graduations) because they care about the students who are graduating.

When we care about people and about things, we are willing to go, to attend, to participate, and to do.  We make it a priority.  The next two nights, God is offering an opportunity for us to show we care that most people, even some people who won’t admit it, are lost and on a  path that leads to destruction.  They need Jesus.  All of us can use work in the area of leading people to Jesus.  I can, you can.  The question is, even though we are all called to lead people to Jesus, do we even want to?  If you are local, please be in prayer about coming one of the next two nights.

We will begin to gather an hour before for refreshments and will be able to enjoy refreshments the whole evening as we’ll be in the fellowship hall.  Friday night it’s from 8 to 11; Saturday night it’s from 9 to midnight.  The same training will be both nights, so only one night is necessary, but you can come both if you want to.

Here’s the schedule:

Teaching (Francis Chan)
Worship / Confession
Teaching (David Platt)
Break / Reflection
Conversation with Francis Chan & David Platt
Challenge & Prayer
Response / Worship
Commissioning / Prayer

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