This is Not a Democracy – Saying Yes to King Jesus

OK, I’ll admit it. This is a blog title to get attention.  With all the political animosity and the accusations and beliefs that our government is out of control and taking over, this title gets attention.  When I say this is not a democracy, I’m not talking about our country.  While is may be debated whether our country still is, it is not debatable if the Kingdom of God is.  The Kingdom of God is not set up as a democracy.

Mike Slaughter, pastor of Ginghamsburg, says we are “entrenched in a mindset of democracy”.  We believe in freedom of choice and self determination which is how it should be in a democracy.  In a democracy, the choice and power are supposed to reside with the governed, with the people.  In a Kingdom, the power resides with the King.  The people are at the mercy of the King.  The choice lies with the King.  A King doesn’t ask for the consent of the people – a King decrees.  And the people do what the King commands.

We have trouble acquiescing or bowing or giving up control to a Lord or King because a.) it goes against our human nature and b.) in our country we are blessed to be taught about freedom from a very early age.  So when we think of Jesus as Lord, as King, it goes against our human nature and everything we’ve been taught!

We want our opinion to count.  We want to bargain with the King like the King should do what we want instead of us doing what the King commands.  “I understand Your way Lord, but I think…”

Do you now understand why people have so much trouble giving their lives to Jesus?  Do you understand why we have trouble putting ourselves second and the King first?  We want a vote.  You do have a vote – you do have a choice.  You can say yes to the King or you can say no.  What say you?

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