The end of the world is not Dec. 21 – living like Jesus is coming back

With all the talk about the Mayan Calendar ending on Dec. 21 and the world ending, I thought I would tell you what the calendar in my office says – the last day on my calendar is Dec. 31, 2012.  Is that my prediction that the world will end on Dec. 31?  Of course not.  And the Mayans were not predicting the end on Dec. 21.

Legend has it that P.T. Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute.  Nobody knows who said it for sure, but what is for sure is the world is full of gullible people.  Anyone can start a rumor on Facebook or Twitter today and by tonight it could be taken as truth around the world.   I’m sure there will be many rumors making their rounds in the next couple of weeks leading up to Dec. 21.  Do not worry.  While the world is going to end, odds are that it will not be that day.

Matthew 24:36 tells us that nobody knows when the world is going to end.  Only God knows.  Obviously every predicted date so far has passed and so will Dec. 21.  But in Matthew 24:42, Jesus does tell us to watch and be prepared.  You should live every day in such a way that if Jesus does come back today, you are ready. That’s different than saying live today like it will be your last day.  If we were living like it would be our last, we might max out our credit cards, eat everything we’ve ever wanted to eat, tell certain people what we really think of them, etc.

But to live every day like Jesus is coming back would mean not doing things we wouldn’t want Jesus to catch us doing!  It would mean doing things like asking for forgiveness, giving to those in need, and praying, but it would also mean going about our lives.  Watching and being prepared is to constantly ask ourselves, “Would I be embarrassed if Jesus came back and I was doing what I’m doing right now?  What would that mean in the way you live today?  Is going to school OK? Yes.  Is working on a blog to spread God’s Word OK? Yes.  Taking a nap? Yes.  Going to work? Yes.  Going for a run? Yes.  Don’t live every day like it will be your last.  Try to live every day so that if Jesus comes back, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

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