Missing church to be the church

Yesterday morning I wasn’t preaching at 8:30 church.  One of the people of the church was preaching.  And as I was sitting with the congregation getting ready to hear the sermon, someone showed up at the back of the church.  I went back and the person apologized for interrupting.  They didn’t know that church would have already started. They needed some help.

They needed clothes for a child that had recently been reconnected with the family and wanted to know if our church could provide them with a Wal-Mart gift card or some other means to get clothes.  I said, “Clothes we can help you with.”  We walked across the street to the Zerkle House of Hope (our church thrift store).  We picked out 3 bags of clothes in the child’s size.  All the while this person was apologizing for keeping me out of “church”.

I believe in being in church on Sunday mornings.  This past week I heard one of Dr. D. James Kennedy’s sermons.  He said, “There are people who are not Christians who are in church on Sunday mornings.  However, barring a physical impairment, there are not people who are not in church on Sunday morning who are Christian.”  He’s saying something that could offend many people:  If you are a Christian, you are in church on Sunday mornings… Period.  Often times, however, our call to be a Christian and “be the church” takes us out of the church and into the world.  On this particular day, it just happened to take me out of church and required me to miss church to “be the church”.

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One Response to Missing church to be the church

  1. Brandon says:

    You may have missed communal worship, but you certainly didn’t miss “church!” Thanks for the post!

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