Word – Amazing start to the day

Yesterday in church I told the congregation as we were going through worship, singing, sermon, etc. that they needed to listen  for a word or phrase from Jesus to take with them out the door when they left.  I don’t remember ever saying that before.  Of course I’ve told them to listen for what God would have them hear, what God has to say to them, etc., but to listen for a single word or phrase to take with them was different for me to say.  They may have not paid any attention.  To be honest, I’m not sure what word or phrase I was supposed to take from yesterday.

But then this morning, I read something from Compassion International.  It was about picking up on a “word” that God has for you for the upcoming year.  And it’s not a New Year’s Resolution or a goal, it’s more like a gift from Jesus, perhaps ‘a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path’.  It’s sort of like when you buy a specific car and then you start to notice that every third car or truck on the road is the same model as yours.  You never noticed how many of them were on the road before!  When you know the ‘word’ Jesus has for you, the author said you start noticing it more in Scripture and everywhere.  And it made so much sense throughout the year that for the last 6 years he’s received and clung to a new word each year.  Words like hold, way, trust, refuge, and float were used.  Yes, float.  It doesn’t have to be a theological word.

So this morning after remembering what I said yesterday and reading the post from Compassion, I go to listen to a sermon from my friend Tom Beckette as I do nearly every Monday morning as part of my Monday devotions.  Tom preaches at Nighbert Memorial in Logan, WV.  And on the church’s main web page, they have this video from the group “Hawk Nelson”.  It’s a song called ‘Words’.  I think I’ve found my ‘word’ Jesus is giving me for 2013.  Will you start praying and looking for a word from Jesus for the next year?

“I find myself growing in a desire to hear God’s specific word to me. I don’t want to be led by theology or rules; I want to be led by the very voice of God Himself. It’s a very special moment, indeed, when I know God is speaking personally to me.

By the end of each year I find that I have grown spiritually, my eyes and ears are alert when I hear my special word, and I know God has brought me through the year in a very special, personal way.”*

Listen to the song “Words” from Hawk Nelson and MercyMe’s Bart Millard

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