A reminder to pray for Ray Redman

Our church has been in prayer for Ray Redman.  Ray has cancer.  It’s not uncommon for a church to pray for one of their own.  It’s not really unusual for churches to pray for others who the church people know.  Today’s snow is a reminder for you all to pray for Ray Redman.

The snow in Mason, WV will have to melt off the sidewalks from one end of town to the other.  There will be clear paths now and then thanks to homeowners and/or business owners who have gone out to shovel, but the majority of sidewalks will just have to wait for warmer temperatures to remove the snow.  You see, Ray would always take his four wheeler up one side of town and down the other side of town clearing snow off of about 2 miles of sidewalks.  We have a lot of people in town who don’t own a vehicle and it is such a blessing for them to have clear sidewalks.  Not many in town who walked on the clean paths knew who to thank, or probably even cared to thank Ray.  That is just how Ray wants it.  He does it to be like Jesus – with a servant’s heart.

It is our prayer that God sees fit to leave Ray here for next winter so he can once again clear a path for those in need, and in doing so – glorify His Savior, Jesus Christ.  Will you say a prayer for Ray today?

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6 Responses to A reminder to pray for Ray Redman

  1. Emma Kearns says:

    A reminder to pray for Mr Redman was so touching to read and I’m sure I’ve seen him clearing snow while driving through town. Don’t know him personally but will also add him to my prayer list. May I Thank You for your thoughtfulness as a Pastor, to reach out to those who are hurting.

  2. Earl Lee Frazier says:

    Good Luck To Ray He is A good guy. I haven,t seen him for a Long Long time.

  3. Sabrina "Bunky"Roush says:

    That was a very touching prayer request. Mr. Redman is a dear sweet man. And as you mentioned he is a pillar in his community. He cares about those around him and has good and loving children and grandchildren who love him dearly. I will continue to keep Ray and his family in my prayers. May God watch over them.

  4. Anita Dober says:

    Scott, this is so typical of you…to bring to our attention angels here on earth; people who love Jesus and live their lives in quiet dignity. Blessings and prayers to Mr. Redman.

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