Something worth sharing on Facebook

Congratulations!  Thanks to many of you, yesterday’s blog went crazy.  There were 236 people who went to my blog yesterday to read about about Ray’s service in Jesus’ name and his need for prayer.  221 people shared it on Facebook.

While I appreciate a good joke as much as the next person, you and I know that much of what is posted on Facebook is for our amusement.  And while amusement can be a nice respite from the stresses of daily life, I love it when something really important gets shared via social media.  I love it when kids get puppies, but am disappointed when 10,000 people will click ‘like’ for them to get a puppy and a pastor can be sitting in a prison in Iran for preaching the Gospel and 1,200 people care and so few people share it.

Share a witness about what Jesus has done and is doing in your life once in a while.  And don’t be afraid to share something important in the midst of the amusement that is our technological world today.

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