A Forgiving God Who Believes in Second Chances

I was talking to Carrie Roush last week.  Carrie is doing mission work in Haiti.  In Haiti, she is dealing with many people who are into voodoo.  They think there are lots and lots of gods and you have to please them with stuff and do what they want.  If you make them mad or don’t do what they want, they will punish you.

Carrie tells them about the one true God who offers grace and forgiveness and second chances and third chances.  They can’t believe it.  She tells them that when we displease our God, He will forgive us.  And she tells them that He will forgive us over and over and over.  A God who forgives?  That’s not what they’re used to hearing.  But that’s exactly what God does for those who believe in Jesus and ask for forgiveness.

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