Hoping it might change them, knowing it will change me.

I’ve had this idea for the last 6 months that our church is supposed to do some sort of Bible Study at the local laundromat.  We are to take rolls of quarters and pay for loads of laundry for those unsuspecting people who come to do their laundry. I know after a few weeks, the word will spread and the laundromat will be packed with people bringing their dirty clothes to be washed for free.  (Can you see the metaphor here?  Freely washing that which is dirty if they just ask?  Just like we take our dirty, sin-filled lives to Jesus to be cleansed.)

Truth be known, I’m not personally a real big fan of Bible Studies in church.  I’m not condemning those who do lead and participate in church Bible Studies, I pray God blesses them.  We have people in our church who have them here.  They’re just not for me.  If I’m going to do a Bible Study, I’d rather do it at McDonald’s or a local laundromat.  Yesterday I went to the laundromat to look around.  Did you know the bigger, nicer washer is $3.50 for a load of clothes??????? Wow.  The smaller ones are $2.00.  I talked to a guy doing clothes there, he said he could dry a load for about a buck, which seems cheap.  I guess people don’t have to dry them, they could take them home and hang them up.  So the drying has to be reasonably priced, but I digress.

So yesterday someone came to my blog and made a comment.  I don’t follow any blogs, but I do always go and look once at each person who ‘likes’ or leaves a comment on mine.  So last night I went to the person’s blog and as I was looking over it, he mentioned something called the ‘God Story’.  It’s basically a 10 week or 22 week Bible Study going through the Bible in story form.  It’s really fun and interesting (and free!), perfect for the laundromat.  I’m going to use the 10 week version for a 10 week laundromat Bible Study.  God is so amazing.  I know the Spirit led me to that blog to get that Bible Study for the laundromat.

And finally, if you’re still with me, here’s what I hope to accomplish with the Bible Study in the laundromat –  I hope that some of the people who are getting their clothes done for free will join us, or at least stay in the laundromat to ‘overhear’ the Gospel, and will share some of their stories with us.  If none do, they will at the very least experience a little bit of the grace and love of God.  What I know we will accomplish is this – God will use the experience to change those of us who come to pay for the strangers’ laundry and participate in the Bible Study.  (By the way – It’s the same with mission trips.)  When we do good works in Jesus’ Name, we hope it will change others, we know it will change us.

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