Every eye will see Him

A hundred or a thousand years ago, nobody could have imagined how Revelation 1:7, that every eye will see Jesus when He returns in the clouds, could be.  Of course, it could be a miracle and everyone could see, but today I believe it could also be through the technology that God has allowed humanity to acquire.

We have the ability to write anything and for people in any country to see it immediately.  We have the ability to post a video and allow anyone around the world with internet access to view it.  I’m at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville for a few days with the United Methodist Church.  I can definitely see how, when Jesus returns, that every eye will see.

However, the important thing is not figuring out HOW Jesus’ return will be see by every eye, but to believe that one day He is returning and realizing we can’t wait until He returns to make our decision to follow Him.  I hope you have made the decision to follow Him and are living your life for Him.

I hope you might take a minute to enjoy what I got to see last night.

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