Does your life require faith?

I have mentioned Nashville a few times lately, I attended the leadership training conference with the United Methodist Church.  (So you know I’m not bragging, I wasn’t chosen among the conference leaders from WV, but was there at the expense of the WV UMC as part of the communications team.)

I had a free evening and I went to the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium.  I bought a single ticket to the sold-out show and ended up sitting next to a pastor and his family.  They weren’t United Methodist.  They were from an independent church in Alaska.  They’ve been in Alaska since 1984, living in a very small community 70 miles from Anchorage.  They are part of a Christian airline ministry that flies small planes 350 miles into Alaska (60 miles north of the Arctic Circle) to do Bible camps for native Alaskan children in remote villages.  There was a two year stretch where they left Alaska.  They ministered for two years living on a barge off the coast of Russia.  (Of course Russia is not far from Alaska as Sarah Palin famously pointed out when she said she could see Russia from Alaska.)  They said they heard the barge was coming through Alaska in a few months and they felt led to join the people on the barge.  Within a few months they were off the coast of Russia, where they spent two years before returning to Alaska.

I want to live like that.  I want that kind of faith.  I want to live a life that requires faith.  I never want to grow complacent.  I want a life and a faith that makes me rely on Jesus.  Does your life require faith?






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