Good Stewardship – Using Jesus’ money wisely

I just got a call from someone asking if our church helped with food.  I always try to steer them to our parish food pantry, but since we only give out once a week I nearly always help out with some food when anyone calls.  I just took them 4 bags of food.  We always have extra food we can share with someone who is hungry.  From the looks of our storage room, you would think Diane and I were storing up for Y2K or some kind of apocalypse, but really we are just bargain shoppers.  We rarely buy things when we need them.  We buy them when they’re cheap knowing one day we will need them.

DSCN5082 DSCN5083 DSCN5080 DSCN5086 DSCN5084As a Christian, there’s something to be said for spending money wisely.  Diane and I love to spend money wisely.  She can take 25 and 50 cent items from the Zerkle House (our church thrift store) and wear them and they look like a million dollars.  She doesn’t need to spend $75 for an outfit or dress.  She would rather take the $75 and pay for one month of child sponsorship for the two children in Africa we sponsor through Compassion International.  Sometimes I think about Jesus when we’re bargain shopping.  I know He has to be pleased with how we spend most of our money.

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