We don’t even have to pray about that…

I heard a sermon this morning where the preacher said, “Suppose you had a horrible boss.  Your boss mistreated you and everyone.  And you had all you could take and you finally thought you knew how to handle it.  You decided if you would murder your boss, that would take care of it.”

You don’t even have to pray about that.  God already addresses that in the Bible.  Though shalt not kill.  There are so many things we need to pray that I thought it would be helpful to remind ourselves that there are things about which we do not need to pray.  In the example above, prayer is needed, but know what to pray for.  The person may pray for patience, pray for understanding, pray for their boss to have his or her heart transformed, or pray for the unseen hurt in the boss to be healed.  All these could be God’s will.  Murder could not.  We don’t have to pray to ask God if it’s His will that we would have sex before marriage.  We don’t have to pray about going to church, loving our neighbor, feeding the hungry, treating our spouse right, etc.  Don’t waste your time praying for things that God already makes perfectly clear through His Word.  There’s plenty of other things to pray about.

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