Being content with Disney and walks on the beach

I talk and write so much in so many different places that I often can’t remember what I said or wrote where. Fortunately, most people don’t remember what I said or what they read, so if I’m repeating something you heard or read it won’t really matter.

C.S. Lewis wrote something that made me think of something I’ve thought or said or written recently.  Lewis compared walking along the Atlantic Ocean in England verses looking at a map of the ocean.  He talked about how much more enjoyable it can be to walk along the beach than look at a map of the ocean – that is if you’re content just to walk along the beach.  He said if you want to get to America, you’d better look at the map.

The other day on Facebook, someone had written they were taking their family to Orlando.  They were going to Disney, Sea Word, and Universal.  I remember in 2001 Diane and I took Adam and Matt to Orlando.  They were 9 and 11.  We went to Sea World and Disney.  They swam with the dolphins at Discovery Cove.  It was a nice vacation.  When I read that post about going to Orlando, my mind went to Haiti. I told a couple of people that I remembered the day when I wanted to take my kids to places like Disney.  Now I want to take them to Haiti.  Our oldest son Adam is going to Haiti with us next month.  I’m no longer content with Disney and walks on the beach.  Where’s the map?

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