What Might Have Been, What Is, and What Could Be

I wanted to title today’s blog, “What has been, what might have been, what is, what could be, and what will be.”  That was too long.  I went with a shorter version.

Yesterday, the last 10 years of my life in the church came to a zenith.  I went before the Board of Ordained Ministry in the UMC and they decided if the last 10 years of my life and my beliefs represented a clear call to be ordained as an elder in the UMC.  They decided that I was called to be an elder in the UMC.  Add to that today being Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent in the church (click here for a brief definition of Lent) and I’m probably in a contemplative mood, or in the mood to think about things.

I think about deciding to live for Christ and giving my life to him in 2000 at a church in Ravenswood.  I think about coming to Mason and all God has done in Diane and me and through us here.  I think about how Matt’s life changed with our move here.  And while it does no good to lament over what might have been, I still wonder what I and we, as a church, have missed here in Mason.  I wonder about the bowling alley.  (Watch this awesome video about a church and a bowling alley it’s only 3 minutes).  I wonder about a gymnasium/community center.  I wonder about a couple of people who died whom with I should have been more bold in talking about the Gospel.  Yet what has been is pretty good: Block parties, river baptisms, mission trips, a life changing trip to Ghana, Africa, lives changed, gardens, state championships, a well earned scholarship to Brown University for Matt, Diane’s half-marathon, Adam’s college graduation, free ice cream socials, polar bear plunges in the 34 degree Ohio River, and so much more.

And what might be and what will be excites me even more than what has been.  What has been is done and decided.  Opportunities missed and seized are things of the past.  But the future is full of hope and new opportunity.   And in a way we can’t completely comprehend, God is already in the future preparing a way for us.  It will be up to you and me if we take the path and live the adventure He has for us.  Ash Wednesday and Lent 2014 may allow us the opportunity to reflect on the next 12 months, but Ash Wednesday and Lent 2013 gives us the opportunity to reflect, prepare, and decide how those reflections will play out as we live out the next 12 months, should God bless us with that time.

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