Perfect Timing – Waiting on God

Our church has a small soundboard that I placed on a cart making it portable.  I use it weekly in the kitchen of the church when I’m fixing Wednesday night dinners.  Yesterday it quit working.  Today we begin community Lenten Luncheons and we meet at our church.  For 6 Thursdays we have lunch and a devotion from a local pastor.  Every year I set up a microphone through the soundboard.  Today we won’t have a microphone due to the soundboard situation.  When something like that happens, I always say, “That’s perfect timing”.  Of course, that is sarcasm.  What I really mean is that it is unfortunate timing.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Timing is everything’?  Ecclesiastes 8:6 (NIV) says, “There is a proper time and procedure for every matter.”  God’s timing is perfect.  I often hear the phrase, ‘Waiting on God’.  We use it the same way we say we’re waiting on a spouse to get ready or to do something.  We’re ready, but we’re waiting on them.  We wait on them to put on makeup, finish watching a sporting event, get their hair just right, get off the computer, etc.

But what if most of the time God is actually waiting on us even when we think we’re waiting on God?  What if God doesn’t act until the right time for us?  What if most of the time He’s waiting on us before He does something?  I think that it is possible that He is waiting for us to grow and/or learn something during the wait – a training session, if you will.  So it’s not like making a kid wait until Christmas morning to open a present just because that’s when we open presents.  It’s because that growth, forming, and dependence on Him sometimes requires God to wait for us to learn something – we’re not ready yet.  Therefore it’s not really us waiting on God at all, but God waiting on us.  His timing is perfect.

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