All Hat and No Cattle

My favorite saying that I’ve NEVER used is “All hat and no cattle.”  I think it’s a Texas term and as you may have figured out, it’s a reference to a person in Texas who would wear a rancher’s hat and not have any cattle nor a ranch.  It’s referring to a person who likes to look the part, but is when it comes right down to it is guilty of false advertising.

In Acts chapter 8, verses 9-13 there’s a sorcerer named Simon who was astonishing Samaritans making them think he was something great.  God was indeed at work in Samaria, but it wasn’t through Simon the sorcerer.  Simon was a phony.  Instead, God was working through Philip as he preached in the name of Jesus.

The story is a reminder that people can amaze others with their works when in fact Jesus is no part of it.  Why we feed at the food pantry, why we pay utility bills for those in need, why we jump in the Ohio River every February, why we travel to New Orleans, why we do everything we do must be to glorify Jesus and show Him to others so they can become His disciple, too.  Without Jesus, all our good works are like a Texan who is “All hat and no cattle.”

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