The problem and solution is not always what we think it is.

I have a camera that’s about 4-5 years old.  Electronics are about like dogs.  I’ve heard a year is 7 dog years, meaning in 10 years your dog is the equivalent of 70 human years.  At the rate technology is advancing, my camera is like 100 years old.

A while back, the rechargeable battery was going bad and wouldn’t hold a charge so I bought 2 new batteries online.  I was skeptical because they were so cheap and what do you know – I was right.  Those cheap batteries were worthless.  They wouldn’t hold a charge either.  6 months have gone by and I had an epiphany.  What if it’s the camera that’s draining the batteries?  I tested this by taking the battery out and just putting it in when I take a picture and then removing it again.  It turns out I have 3 good batteries.  The camera is malfunctioning and pulling power from the battery when it’s turned off.  I thought I had the solution, but I was wrong about what the problem was.

scalesIn a similar way, people get confused about what it takes to get to heaven.  Some people think the solution is doing good deeds, or ‘works’.  Anyone who thinks that has misunderstood the problem.  The problem isn’t that we’ve made some bad choices and done some bad things that our good deeds need to outweigh in the end.  If you think of a balance type scale, some people think they have to have more in the ‘good’ basket than the ‘bad’ basket.  The problem is that ANY offense against the One who created us is so great that there is nothing we can do to make it right – – Nothing.  We can spend 24 hours a day – 7 days a week the rest of our lives doing good things and it does nothing to ‘redeem’ us and tilt the scales in our favor.

scalessidedIf we think about the scales again, the scales would really look like this.  Our sin against God has weighed down the one side and the other side holds nothing.  We can keep putting good work after good work on the side to try to get the other side to come up, to get the scales to tip our way, but it won’t.  The problem is so severe that God had to provide the means to tip the scales.  And He decided to do that through the death of His only Son, Jesus.  And when we will accept what Jesus did for us, God tips the scales the other way, in our favor.  And the ironic thing is God will make sure we can’t tip them back!  He places within us His Spirit to guide us and help us.  And every time we mess us and think we’re going to weigh down the scale.  It turns out that the bad side won’t hold the bad things we do anymore!!!!  Jesus has removed the basket that holds the bad things.  His blood covers it all.

One of these days, I’ll get a phone that takes pictures.  In the mean time, every time I put in and take out the battery for a picture, I’ll think of Jesus.

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