Giving others a break

One time I heard we judge others based on their actions but we want others to judge us based on our intentions.  In other words, if someone lets us down we tend to be hard on them and we may even say they are unreliable.  But when we fail to follow through or do what we said we were going to do, we want others to give us a break.  After all, we had good intentions.  We have good excuses.

I think about this sometimes when someone pulls out in front of me on the highway and I have to slow way down.  Sometimes I just get aggravated.  Other times, I wonder who is driving the car who pulled out in front of me.  Did their spouse just die?  Is a termination notice for their electric bill on their mind?  Are they on the way to visit their spouse in a nursing home?

The Bible calls this ‘grace’.  Grace is unmerited favor.  Receiving grace is receiving a break.  God gave us a break (albeit a BIG one) by allowing Jesus’ sacrifice to cover our sin.  We are saved by grace (Ephesians 2:8).  We need to show more grace.  You and I don’t know what burdens others are carrying.  Let’s assume the best and give others who disappoint us a break.

(I always feel that it’s necessary to point out that we should never overlook or accept being physically or emotionally abused.)




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1 Response to Giving others a break

  1. Berneas Wood says:

    Very well put. I sometimes wonder what makes people do the things they do, but we never know, do we? Any number of things can make a person loose their concentration for a few seconds, sometimes becoming fatal. I myself am guilty of this (loosing my concentration). If everyone would keep in mind that thought, maybe there wouldn’t be so much “road rage”. We can’t all be geniuses behind the wheel…just saying.

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