A reminder to those who don’t go to church…

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I know why many people who don’t go to church don’t go to church.  I know a lot of people don’t come (or go) to church because they think the church is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.  Until that group that thinks that way really understands church, they probably will never come.  What they need to understand is that the church really is not just a bunch of hypocrites.  We are a bunch of hypocrites, but oh so much more than just hypocrites!

You see when the preacher preaches and the congregation says “Amen”, we are agreeing to what the Bible teaches about how we should act, how we should treat people, how we should sacrifice, how we should treat people who don’t go to church, how we should tell everyone about Jesus, how we should love our neighbor, how we should speak with love, how we should treat…

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