Thank God it’s Thursday – A life changed by service

Last night 8 of us traveled an hour south to Huntington, WV to Johnson Memorial UMC.  Johnson Memorial feeds 100 to 125 homeless men, women, and children every week.  It was our second time there providing a warm meal.  Our church plans to go every other month to provide the food and serve Jesus.  We serve Him by serving the least.  Whatever we do for the least of these, we do for Jesus (Matthew 25).

Last night we met a father and adult son from another church in the Huntington area who serve each week.  I spoke with them for a few minutes just before we left.  They said  a little over a month ago they were out talking with and providing things for those living on the streets and heard about the meal at the church.  The father and son showed up and have gone to serve each week since.  Last night they left for a little while to buy kerosene and propane for a few people.  The son, who is probably in his mid 20’s, told me that serving there on Thursday evenings has changed his life.  He said he looked forward to Thursdays and wished every night was Thursday night.

When you have acted on behalf of Jesus and gone on a mission trip, worked at a food pantry, sang at a nursing home, given out coats, or in any other way served others who are going through difficult times, you understand what the young man is saying.  We often go into things thinking we are going to help and make a difference to others and it is more often than not we ourselves who are helped and changed.  It’s no coincidence that Jesus tells us to serve.  He does some of His best work in us through serving Him.

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2 Responses to Thank God it’s Thursday – A life changed by service

  1. Your church has a wonderful ministry going and our prayer is the Lord bless the efforts you have put forth. God blesses those who always gives from the heart…may his love continue to shine on you and the chuch..

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